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Barbed Wire

Weaving way:
Winding weaving
Galvanized wire, Hot galvanized wiree
mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway, etc
Name:  Barbed Wire
Material:Hot dipped galvanized wire/Electric Galvanized Barbed Wire
Razor Type:wire barb
Packaging Details: Packaging in rolls with weave bag.
Delivery Detail: within 25 days after receipt of the prepayment


              Barbed wire with strong anticorrosion performance, long service life, good defense, and other characteristics, suitable for factory, private villas, residential buildings on the ground floor, construction site, Banks, prisons, print works, military machine, bungalow. 

Galvanized Barbed wire

         Galvanized Barbed Iron Wire in IOWA type has 2 strands and 4 points. Barbs' distance can be 3-6 inches with a tolerance at 1/2" less or more.

         Galvanized Barbed Wire is suitable for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, dwelling house, plantation or fencing.

         Patterns Available for Galvanized Barbed Wire: 
         Single Twisted Barbed Wire
         Double Twisted Barbed Wire
         Traditional Twisted Barbed Wire


Barbed Wire Specification

TypeWire Gauge (SWG)Barb Distance (cm)Barb Length (cm)

Electric Galvanized Barbed Wire;

Hot-dip zinc plating barbed wire

10# x 12#7.5-151.5-3
12# x 12#
12# x 14#
14# x 14#
14# x 16#
16# x 16#
16# x 18#

PVC coated barbed wire;

PE barbed wire

before coatingafter coating7.5-151.5-3
PVC PE coating thickness: 0.4mm-0.6mm; different colors or length are available at customers request.

Product details

Surface treatment:Galvanized, Plastic coated



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