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Hexagonal wire mesh,Hexagonal wire mesh,Chicken Wire Mesh

low carbon steel, stainless steel , galvanized wire etc.
for garden, horticulture and agriculture applications. such as chicken runs, rabbit fencing etc.
Hexagonal wire mesh is also known by the name of chicken wire, gabion mesh and hexagonal wire netting.
Materials of wire are low carbon steel, stainless steel , iron. Surface treatments are galvanized, PVC coating etc.



       Hexagonal wire mesh is a galvanised steel fencing mesh for garden, horticulture and agriculture applications. Galvanised wire mesh is suitable for chicken runs, rabbit fencing, deer fencing and fruit cages.

Loonginc's hexagonal metal wire mesh is manufactured from steel wire that is galvanised with a hot-dipped zinc coating that provides the metal fencing with a corrosion resistant surface that is designed not to rust. Hexagonal wire netting has many uses including rabbit fences, garden fencing, chicken pens, chicken runs, fruit cages, deer fencing and tree guards, It is used extensively in gardens for crop protection, fruit cage protection from birds, in agriculture to protect crops from rabbits, hare, muntjac and other deer.

Loonginc supplies hexagonal wire metal mesh in rolls sizes of 600mm (0.6m), 900mm (0.9m), 1050mm (1.05m), 1200mm (1.2m) and 1800mm (1.8m) wide rolls in various roll lengths. We offer 4 standard hexagonal mesh holes sizes of 13mm, 25mm, 31mm and 50mm. Our wire thicknesses are shown below.

Mesh holes size

Wire thickness

13mm (1.2")0.7mm (22 gauge)
25mm (1")1mm (19 gauge)
31mm (1 ¼")1mm (19 gauge)
50mm (2")1mm (19 gauge)


Loonginc hexagonal steel wire netting mesh had been hot dipped galvanised with a zinc coating, which is far superior to electro-galvanised products that are on the market. This hot-dipped galvanised coating ensures Loonginc hexagonal wire mesh is suitable for the most extreme conditions for a longer life:

  • Rabbit fencing

  • Garden fencing

  • Deer control fence mesh

  • Protecting trees from browsing animals / treeguards

  • Chicken runs / chicken wire for poultry fencing

  • Decking and step anti slip applications

  • Plastering and render support

  • Insulation support between joists

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