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The way to develop the mesh customers

   Customer development is the most important concern of every mesh exporters. But it is a top priority for foreign trade enterprises, without customers there is nothing. As an enterprise specializing in stainless steel wire mesh, electric welding network and six angle net export, Hebei Qingwang Trading co.,ltd has exchanged the problems of customer development and maintenance, and summed up the following points:

  One, the breadth of customer development

  The breadth of the so-called customer development is to develop more customers, no matter the small customers, the more customers, the more the better. This should be the common pursuit of each enterprise. In combination with our reality, the Qingwang trading co.,ltd corporation believes that the way to develop customers is mainly the following two points:

       one is to connect with the salesman, this is very original. But it is a very effective way. We think we must put it first. No matter how it changes, this is always effective.          Two is we are looking for customers with screen products website through the Internet. 

      These customers are our potential customers, and then contact them again. The three is to find potential silk screen customers through some exhibitions and conferences, which are equal to gathering opportunities of industry people. Everyone should focus on their own strengths and find ways to suit themselves.

  Two, the depth of customer development。

  The so-called depth of customer development refers to the maintenance and tapping of potential existing screen users. In this respect, there are two points to be paid attention to. 

       One is to visit the customers regularly, to track the silk screen products he wants, to find out the real needs and to provide the corresponding products to meet. For example, A customers often ask for some stainless steel mesh net, demanding very harsh. After we follow up, we find that A is mainly to sell stainless steel wire mesh and then sell it, then we directly put forward the possibility of selling it to him, and put forward higher quality requirements. After several tests, A agreed that both sides have increased profits to achieve win-win results. .

       The two is to expand the product types of existing customers. For example, B customer, one of our old customers, we have been supplying him with prickly rope, and as a result of frequent visit to him, B customers are mainly involved in the application of protection, then we introduced the steel plate network, Holland network, expanded his business scope and increased our supply.

  Breadth is the pursuit of the number of customers, depth is the pursuit of the quality of customers, breadth is the initial contact with customers, depth is the basis for win-win with the customer, both are the two aspects of the same problem, complement each other.

 by ANDY