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Roof nail,Corrugated nail,galvanized corrugated nail

Weaving way:
Steel wire rod-Wire drawing-Nail making-Nail washing-Thread twisting-Zinc plating(Hot dip or Elect-)
Carbon steel
mainly used to connect wood structures, and to fix asbestos tiles and plastic t
Roof nails are mainly used to connect wood structures, and to fix asbestos tiles and plastic tiles;
Surface treatment processes are usually polished and galvanized
It is widely used in the field of home decoration.


Roof nails: also called hemp rod corrugated nails, with umbrella cap, hemp rod or straight rod.

Main applications: used to connect wood components, and asbestos tile, plastic tile fixed

Category: Nails - corrugated nails or roof nails

Nominal diameter: 2.8-4.2 mm

Length: 40-80mm

Surface treatment: zinc plating, polishing

Specifications: BWG8*2 1/2, "BWG8*3", "BWG9*2", "BWG9*2 1/2", "BWG10*2", "BWG10*2 1/2", "BWG11*1 1/5", "BWG11*2", "12BWG12*1 1/5" and "BWG12*2""

Can also be produced according to customer requirements

Packaging: can be customized customer requirements.

Classification: according to the shape of the cap can be divided into parallel and circular arc corrugated nails;

Different points in the design of a single rod: taciturnly, ring, spiral and square;

According to the nail cap and the nail body with the form is divided into: one nail and nail combination

Customers can purchase or customize the style of corrugated nails to achieve the best fixation effect according to the use of different.


麻花钉 3“*BWG9

螺纹钉 4”*BWG8

组合式瓦楞钉 3“*BWG9





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