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Roofing Nail

Weaving way:
Steel wire rod-Wire drawing-Nail making-Nail washing-Thread twisting-Zinc plating(Hot dip or Elect-)
Carbon steel
mainly used to connect wood structures, and to fix asbestos tiles and plastic t
Roof nails are mainly used to connect wood structures, and to fix asbestos tiles and plastic tiles;
Surface treatment processes are usually polished and galvanized
It is widely used in the field of home decoration.


Roof nails: also called hemp rod corrugated nails, with umbrella cap, hemp rod or straight rod.

Main applications: used to connect wood components, and asbestos tile, plastic tile fixed

Category: Nails - corrugated nails or roof nails

Nominal diameter: 2.8-4.2 mm

Length: 40-80mm

Surface treatment: zinc plating, polishing

Specifications: BWG8*2 1/2, "BWG8*3", "BWG9*2", "BWG9*2 1/2", "BWG10*2", "BWG10*2 1/2", "BWG11*1 1/5", "BWG11*2", "12BWG12*1 1/5" and "BWG12*2""

Can also be produced according to customer requirements

Packaging: can be customized customer requirements.

Classification: according to the shape of the cap can be divided into parallel and circular arc corrugated nails;

Different points in the design of a single rod: taciturnly, ring, spiral and square;

According to the nail cap and the nail body with the form is divided into: one nail and nail combination

Customers can purchase or customize the style of corrugated nails to achieve the best fixation effect according to the use of different.


ring shank nails 3”×BWG9

screw shank nails 4”×BWG8

Combination Roofing Nails 3”×BWG9


The roofing nials Waiting for boxed

Ready to send the corrugated nails

After the packaging completed, will be go to the port

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