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Welded Wire Mesh and Fence

Weaving way:
low carbon steel wire
Protection, isolation and interception
The brand of Loonginc welded wire mesh in galvanized iron, stainless steel or pvc coated wire.
Use: Welded wire mesh is used in a number of industries, like construction, petroleum, chemical industry, breeding, garden fencing and foodstuff industry



Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Products offers wire mesh typically made with Plain Weave, Twill Weave, or Dutch Twill Weave. Wires can be welded, crimped, or plain. We offer various materials, including plain steel,galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, and more.

Plain Weave

Plain woven wire mesh is the most common type of weaving method. The warp (length) wires and the weft (width) wires cross each another, alternating one on the top and one under, forming a 90° angle between each other creating a square or rectangular opening.  Manufacturers use plain woven wire mesh to make filters, for food, chemicals, insect screens, mining screens, and much more.

Twill Weave
Twill Weave is another common type of weave.  The wires down the roll length and the wires across the width cross, two wires at a time, first above above then below, at an established distance. This makes the mesh more rigid and stable.    

Dutch Twilled Weave
Dutch Twill Weave cloth is very common for filtering under high pressure.  In this weave, the width wires and the length wires cross two above and then two below at a set distance.  However,  in the Dutch Twill weave, the the wires across the width of the mesh roll have a larger diameter than the wires down the length of the roll.    

Specification List of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Mesh/InchWire Gauge(SWG)Aperture in mm
3mesh x 3mesh146.27
4mesh x 4mesh164.27
5mesh x 5mesh183.86
6mesh x 6mesh183.04
8mesh x 8mesh202.26
10mesh x 10mesh201.63
20mesh x 20mesh300.95
30mesh x 30mesh340.61
40mesh x 40mesh360.44
50mesh x 50mesh380.36
60mesh x 60mesh400.30
80mesh x 80mesh420.21
100mesh x 100mesh440.172
120mesh x 120mesh440.13
150mesh x 150mesh460.108
160mesh x 160mesh460.097
180mesh x 180mesh470.09
200mesh x 200mesh470.077
250mesh x 250mesh480.061
280mesh x 280mesh490.060
300mesh x 300mesh490.054
350mesh x 350mesh490.042
400mesh x 400mesh500.0385
Roll width: 2'-8'

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