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Shovel, Spade

High-carbon steel
Shovels are mainly used for harvesting, digging holes, ridgeing, cultivating, covering soil, buildin
(1) [spade]: A flat, rectangular, semicircular pointed configuration tool suitable for foot-in-ground soil
(2) [Shovel]: Hand tools consisting of a flat handle with a wide bucket or a slightly concave shovel in the center, hand digging or throwing materi


The shovel products are made of high-quality steel and are refined by many complicated processes such as stamping, die-cutting, forming, heat treatment, carburizing, polishing and painting to make the shovel produced by the company have the characteristics of toughness, hardness and rigidity, By the people of all countries in the world's favorite!

Packing: Exquisite cardboard + woven bag binding

Can also be customized according to customer needs!

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